Need To Plan A Corporate Event? 3 Tips To Make It Great

If you are in charge of corporate event planning for your company, this can be something stressful to do. Because it is important that everything works well, keep reading for some tips to help you do this. 

Choosing the Venue

The first thing you must do is choose the venue where you want to hold the corporate event. Consider how many people will be attending and add more to that list. You never know if more people will show up than you intended. You also want to consider the location of the corporate event. You may not want one that is miles away from your company but instead something that is located closer. Consider choosing a venue that is close to roads or major highways where guests are coming from. If many people are flying to the event, choose a venue that is close to the airport. 

How much parking is available is also important. If there is not the right amount of parking spaces, this can create a big mess for you. People will likely complain and may even leave the event.  Some event venues will take care of catering, such as providing the food and the drinks, and others will not, so this is something to consider. 

Choosing a Theme

Once you find the venue, you need to choose a theme for your event. This will depend on the type of audience attending the event. For example, if mostly corporate executives are attending you need a theme that is more subdued. Having a guest speaker that is in your field can be helpful, which may be someone from your company or an expert outside your company in your field. You could hire a band to play music or hire a comedian to tell some jokes to make things fun.

The lighting is important as you do not want it to be too bright. You do want to have enough light to make it easy for everyone to see well, however. The color of light is also important. Choose cool colors like blues or purple hues to create a professional event. For something fun, choose warmer colors such as hues of red, pink, or orange. Hire an electrician to install the lighting for you if you are adding any light fixtures to the venue. 

There are many more tips on having a corporate event, such as setting a budget, advertising for the event, and more. Contact a professional to learn more about corporate event planning

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