3 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Venue

Looking at wedding venues is a process you may begin shortly after getting engaged. While you may find plenty of indoor venues during your search, you might want to prioritize an outdoor wedding. Both types will often require a different kind of analysis to ensure satisfaction.

Learning about what factors to consider with an outdoor wedding venue will help you reserve one with confidence, knowing it provides what you and your partner need.


When you get married inside, you can expect to get married on carpet, concrete, hardwood, tile, or other installed flooring. An outdoor wedding is different because you might walk on concrete, dirt, grass, sand, pavers, rocks, or something else. While you may feel comfortable walking on any of these surfaces, you want to be prepared for your wedding.

Dirt and grass can quickly make a dress dirty, especially if it rains outside and water drops splash upward while walking around. This makes it beneficial to avoid a dress with a train because you will not have to worry about getting it dirty while using an outdoor venue. A possible solution is to pick only outdoor venues where you will be walking on paved walkways.


Sunlight exposure is also worth considering with an outside venue. Some ceremonies will be bathed in sunlight, while others may have shade in natural and artificial forms. Sunlight will impact how photos look and can create glare that affects your appearance in photographs.

When you plan to have an extended outdoor ceremony and reception, you want to consider sunscreen usage. For instance, you can choose a venue with a sunscreen station so your guests can protect themselves from skin damage and sunburns.


Naturally, an outdoor venue will experience weather conditions, whether that be rain, snow, or wind. The best you can do to avoid these potential weather conditions is reserve a wedding date during days and weeks with historically dry and sunny days. Going through this process will minimize the chance that you will experience any harsh weather at your wedding.

A smart move is to be prepared for tricky weather that gets in the way of your wedding. You can find venues with an indoor area or a building that can function as a backup. This setup guarantees a comfortable and dry place for your ceremony and reception.

Reach out to a local wedding venue to find out more.

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