Stanchion Usage During A Public Event

A crowded event may require that several lines are set up for the sale of tickets and food. Sections within an event venue may need to be cordoned off. Cordoning off areas will implement crowd control and ensure that guests remain within the areas that have been designated for them.

The Use Of A Stanchion

A stanchion is an upright bar or post. A pair of stanchions are designed to be attached to a fabric strap. The strap will run horizontally between the two stanchions. A series of stanchions can be used to create an enclosed area. Retractable stanchions and stretchy fabric straps can be set up to align each side of an area where guests are permitted. This type of enclosure will require that there is a viable way for patrons to enter and exit the reserved area.

Retractable stanchions can be used to create a straight barricade. With this type of setup, a series of stanchions will be arranged in a straight row. Fabric bands will need to be attached to each pair of stanchions that are located alongside each other. Stanchions may possess a basic or fancy design.

A stanchion may be constructed of wood, plastic, or metal. The weight of a stanchion may be staggered. More weight may be located along the bottom portion of a stanchion. The weight will stabilize the pole or bar that is extending upward.

The Setup And Storage Details

Stanchions are often used in movie theaters, art galleries, and museums. They are also commonly found in banking institutions and airports. An assessment of an event venue should be performed. The placement of ticket booths, food stations, or other areas where guests will be lined up should be taken into account. If there are any parts of a venue where guests will not be permitted, stanchions and fabric straps can be used to prevent access to these areas.

Stanchion and fabric products can be matched to the design of an interior or exterior space. Retractable stanchions are small and compact when they are not actively used. A venue operator who will be setting up various functions may want to purchase retractable stanchions that they can easily store in a closet. A stanchion will contain looped edges or hooks that are designated for the placement of fabric straps. Retractable fabric straps are stretchy. Once they come unhooked from a stanchion, they will retain their original shape.

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