Backyard Wedding? 5 Reasons To Rent Portable Bathrooms

A backyard wedding is a great way to save money while combining the best of both the outdoor, casual wedding and the comforts of home. But while you may need to use fewer rentals, a portable bathroom is one that may need to stay on your list. Why?

To Reduce Congestion

Residential home bathrooms aren't generally designed to handle the needs of a hundred or more people at one time. Relying solely on one or two house bathrooms could be a recipe for trouble. Not only will your guests suffer lines and waits, they may also cause physical problems with the plumbing. Make things better for everyone by adding additional bathroom options. 

To Minimize House Use

Many backyard wedding hosts often prefer large crowd of guests to not traipse in and out of the house too much. If you rely on indoor bathrooms for guests, there's no way to limit their use of the house. On the other hand, you could prioritize luxury portable bathrooms outside and only use the house facilities if the need arises.  

To Reserve Certain Facilities

If you have few bathrooms in the home, the wedding party may need to prioritize using them. However, you can't simply block access to the one or two available bathrooms for all guests before the wedding or during cocktail hour. The solution? Give the established indoor bathrooms for wedding party prep and give guests their own facilities. 

To Hide the Mess

One of the downsides to backyard weddings is that they're a lot of work for the hosts. Wedding preparation is often a messy business in any circumstances. When it's all happening in one house, the chaos can grow exponentially. While this is usually not a big problem when the wedding is elsewhere, homeowners may not want backyard guests roaming their messy home looking for bathrooms. Let them off the hook with outdoor options. 

To Add Convenience

Relying on the bathrooms inside the house may seem like a simple solution, but is it really? Depending on the layout of the property, the wedding/reception, and the interior of the home, those bathrooms may be more inconvenient than expected. They could require a long walk, the weather may not be amenable, or the bathrooms might not be accessible for those with mobility issues. Honestly assess whether a dedicated rental near the wedding could be a better option. 

Where to Start

Could your backyard wedding be improved in any of these areas with the addition of a portable bathroom or two? If so, start by learning more about toilet rentals appropriate for weddings available in your area today. Reach out to a local portable bathroom rental service, such as Ben Toilet Rentals Inc., to learn more.

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