Alternatives To Throwing Rice At The End Of Your Wedding Ceremony

One way that people often celebrate the end of a wedding ceremony is by throwing rice. As you and your new spouse walk down the aisle together, your guests may cheer and toss handfuls of rice in the air or toward you. While some people like this idea, it has its drawbacks. Perhaps you don't like the mess that rice can create, or maybe the idea of wasting a food product simply rubs you the wrong way. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives that you may wish to consider. Here are some ideas that can work well at the end of your wedding ceremony.

Blowing Bubbles

One fun option is to distribute bottles of bubble solution and bubble wands to some of your guests. If there are a lot of children who will be in attendance, you might specifically focus on giving these products to them. Having your guests blow bubbles as you and your new spouse walk past can make for a fun scene. This is especially true if you're getting married outside on a sunny day, as the bubbles will catch the sunlight and sparkle — adding a magical quality to the conclusion of your wedding ceremony.

Throwing Leaves

If you're having an outdoor wedding in the fall, you might include certain seasonal colors and decorations at your ceremony and reception sites. For example, you might have orange and brown candles or even pumpkins or gourds on some tables around the ceremony site. If you really want to accentuate the season, consider having your guests throw leaves in the air at the end of the ceremony. You can gather a large supply of leaves, check that they're adequately dry, and ensure that each guest receives a few leaves upon arriving at the ceremony. The sight of fall leaves in the air can make for a perfect photo op, especially if there are trees with colored leaves in the background.

Launching Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes can be another fun product to consider for the conclusion of your ceremony. You can provide sheets of white or colored paper to your guests when they arrive, and they'll have fun building their planes as they wait for the ceremony to begin. This idea may work well if you and your spouse have a connection to flight — for example, perhaps you both worked as flight attendants at some point and will be using various flight-related decorations throughout your venue.

Reach out to a local event planner to get more ideas for your wedding ceremony.

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