Questions To Ask A Prospective Wedding Planner

If you are planning a wedding and you feel you cannot handle all the details on your own, you likely thought about hiring a wedding planner to assist with important tasks. Wedding planning services vary in the amount of work they provide and the cost they pass on to customers. For these reasons, knowing what questions to ask a wedding planner from the get-go can help you get the service you desire at a price you can afford.

Find Out About Prior Service

Of course, all wedding planners need to start somewhere and conduct their very first weddings. If you are not worried about perfection and the price is reflective of your planner's skills, you have the chance to get professional help at a low cost by choosing a less-experienced wedding planner. If details are of the utmost importance to you, selecting a wedding planner who has assisted with several weddings in the past is best. Inquire about the number of weddings a planner has helped with as well as the sizes of these events to give you a better picture of the experience the planner has.

Ask About The Frequency Of Meeting

If you select a full-service wedding planner, the person you select is there to assist with each and every aspect pertaining to your wedding. This typically requires them to meet with you often to discuss themes, colors, decorations, music, and more. If you intend on doing some of the planning on your own, such as selecting and contacting your own vendors, less frequent meetings are necessary with your planner. 

Inquire About A Quotation

Before you commit to hiring a wedding planner, ask them to provide you with documentation about the extent of the services they are going to provide as well as pricing information for each task they conduct. This is necessary so you are not caught off guard with additional costs you were not expecting. Many wedding planners provide services in an a la carte manner, allowing you to select which aspects are important to you. A full-service wedding planner, however, usually has a set price for all processes conducted for your wedding.

Learn Who Is Assisting

Some wedding planners have employees working for them who work on your behalf to ensure your wedding is a success. If this is the case, ask to meet each person assigned to your wedding before your big day arrives. Since personalities make a difference to the overall aura and success of a wedding, it is necessary that you speak to each person involved with your wedding face-to-face so you are comfortable with the services the business provides.

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