Is Your Company's Annual Conference Threatened By The Pandemic? 4 Ways Event Production Services Can Help Manage New Concerns

The world is changing due to COVID-19, and this recent pandemic has led to a need for companies to adapt their policies and procedures to keep people safe. Your company's annual conference is about more than networking. During this event, your team has a chance to implement new training strategies to help people continue to thrive in a changing environment. This is also the ideal time to recognize people who have gone above and beyond their duties to help your company through the early stages of the pandemic.

Although things will be different this year, you can make the annual conference happen. Working with an event production company can help you make new plans to accommodate the current need to practice social distancing.

Explore Safe Venue Options and Lodging

Social distancing is the buzz word that influences how your company's annual conference will work. Depending upon where and when you want the event held, you might be capable of holding at least portions of the conference in a public or private venue. One of the first things that your event production team can do is help you perform a risk assessment to determine if there are venues, hotels, and transportation options that can help you do an in-person event safely.

Set Up Live Streaming Services

Live broadcasting of your event is an option to explore if you cannot have everyone meet in person. This is also an option that many companies have chosen to offer to people who cannot attend conferences due to personal or business-related reasons. Live streaming your event requires some serious planning to make sure that you have the technology available to make it work and your event production team can make it happen.

Plan Content That Fits Multiple Delivery Formats

Speeches and presentations that normally work well on a stage before a live audience work differently if you must move to online or video formats. For instance, you might not be able to have a leader from your company physically hand an award to a recipient, and long speeches often begin to lose people's attention when they are viewed at home. Content planning is another area where an event team can help you figure out how to capture everyone's attention so that the virtual conference is memorable.

Easily Adapt to Changing Circumstances

Naturally, planning an annual conference that is months away may mean that things change even more between now and then. Your event production services will include options that help you adapt your plans if it is needed in the future. Being able to quickly shift to an online conference or open up to having people gather in an outdoor location could all be easily implemented as the event draws closer.

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