Reasons To Choose Bottle Service At A Nightclub

When you plan to visit a nightclub, you might have the intention of buying drinks at the bar as you see fit. Another option, however, is to pay for bottle service — a feature that you can book in advance of your visit or at the time that you arrive. Doing so may seem extravagant, but when you're on vacation and you're looking to add to the excitement of your nightclub experience, this may be a decision that you're glad you make. This can especially be true if you're visiting the club with a group of friends and want to try something unique. Different nightclubs have different bottle service perks, but you can often expect to enjoy these things.

Exclusive Sitting Area

At many high-end clubs, it can be a challenge to get a seat. You might spend some time sitting at the bar or gathering around a spot in the lounge area, but if you're visiting with a sizable group, this can be a little awkward. Las Vegas bottle service often gives you access to not only a table for your group, but also a position in an exclusive part of the venue. It's exciting to feel like a VIP as you make your way through the club to this special area.

Dedicated Server

You can also expect that your decision to choose bottle service at a nightclub will give your group access to a dedicated server for the entirety of your visit. This person will not only take your drink orders, but will often expedite them for you. This means that even if the club is crowded, you won't have to wait long to have your drinks arrive at your table. Without this server, you might sometimes find yourself standing in long lines and waiting to place your drink order.

Quick Entrance

Long lineups outside of nightclubs are common, especially at clubs that are popular. You and your group can sometimes wait for an extended period of time until you're able to get into the venue together. Many nightclubs give patrons who order bottle service quick entrance into the venue. This means that as soon as you arrive, you can identify yourself to the doorman as having bottle service. He will quickly verify this information, and then allow you to enter. Your quick entrance allows you to get your night underway promptly, rather than having to wait for an extended period of time outside.

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