Why You Should Try To Attend A Smaller Film Festival Screening

If you're interested in attending a film festival like the Sacramento Film Festival, one of the things that will likely excite you the most is an opportunity to sit in on an advance screening. It's common for film festivals to have a variety of screenings, so you'll want to browse the options on the festival's website. Many people gravitate toward the screenings of the largest films — those that have received a lot of publicity or those that have notable actors in them. There's value in attending a smaller film screening at the festival, though, and here are some reasons for taking this path.

An Intimate Feel

There's something special about being in a small theater to watch the screening of a film, and this is especially true if the director or someone else who played a critical role in the production is speaking about the film before or after the screening. When you visit a local movie theater, you're likely accustomed to being in a large space to watch the movie. It's a completely different vibe to sit in a small, intimate venue with just a small group of fellow film enthusiasts. This is an opportunity that is worth taking if you have the chance.

Fewer Distractions

Even at a film festival, a large theater can have its share of distractions. For example, in a bigger space, there will be more people getting up and leaving to use the bathroom. There's also a higher chance of people talking, given that there are simply more people around you. The larger space can create a feeling of anonymity, which may prompt some people to check their smartphones during the film, too. Each of these issues is less likely to occur, especially on a large scale, when you attend a smaller screening.

A Chance To Converse

One of the best parts of attending a film festival screening is getting a chance to listen to film industry professionals talk about their movies. In a small theater, it can be a thrill to sit in on such a talk because of the small audience. It's common for people to take questions from the audience, and when the theater is smaller, you automatically have a better chance of being able to ask a question. As someone who enjoys movies, this can be an exciting opportunity. Be sure to sign up for any smaller screeners promptly, as they can sell out in a short duration.

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