4 Reasons Grassroots Lobbying Is Effective

Whether you are an employer looking to lobby change within a corporation or a member of a political party lobbying for the change of certain laws, grassroots lobbying is an effective tactic to use. Unlike direct lobbying, which involves taking lobbying efforts straight to the entity that you are trying to convince, grassroots lobbying involves using others to help get a point across. 

It gets the public's attention on the matter at hand. 

When you are reaching out to the masses to inform them of a matter and get them to contact their representatives, it is also doing something else that is really important: it is attracting public attention. Legislators and state representatives have a harder time sweeping an issue aside if the public is aware of it, vocal about it, and pressing for a change or certain outcome. When lobbying is done within the chain of command, there is less pressure from the public because many of them have no idea what is taking place. 

It can be achieved through the simplest communications means. 

Grassroots lobbying is not at all difficult to achieve. Simply getting the word out there about an issue via well-noticed social media posts is enough to really garner a lot of attention from a lot of people who will be willing and passionate about getting involved. For example, if you are lobbying for marijuana legalization, posting a few shots on Instagram regarding the fact that the public needs to contact the right people to help get laws passed could be enough to garner thousands of people willing to speak up. 

It is not an expensive form of lobbying. 

Holding lobbying events, in some cases, can be a bit of an expensive endeavor. Grassroots lobbying, on the other hand, garners public attention and helps achieve a goal without the need to spend a lot of money. Of course, grassroots lobbying events can and do take place and do well, but even these can be simple events that are designed specifically to attract the right people to the campaign.

It is an effective way to get a community aggressively seeking change. 

When grassroots lobbying is done specifically to garner interest in a certain cause, it is less likely that the interest in that cause will fizzle out. Even if the lobbying efforts are not successful the first time around, the issue brought up through the lobbying efforts will usually stick around because the public or people involved will keep talking about the issue. 

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