Setting Up A Toddler Birthday Party Room: 4 Easy-Clean Options

Setting up a party room for a toddler presents a few challenges you might not face with parties for adults or older children. If you want to create a whimsical space for your little one while making the party accessible and easy to clean up, here are a few ideas to consider when planning the setup for your party room.

1. Plastic Tablecloths

Not all party venues offer post-party cleanup, so you'll want to think about how you can quickly and easily tidy up the space after the party. One great option is to use plastic disposable tablecloths. These cloths come in a variety of colors and styles to match your party theme, and they protect the tables at your venue from messes and spills. When it's time to clean up, remove any personal items from the table and fold the ends and sides of the tablecloth toward the middle of each table. From there, you can simply fold the tablecloth with all of the paper plates and food into a bundle that's ready for a garbage bag or can.

2. Picnic Tables

Instead of renting tables and chairs for the party room, consider renting indoor picnic tables with bench-style seating. This makes it easy to fit little ones at the table without having to worry about chairs being scooted all over the room. With no chairs, there are fewer tripping hazards and less for you to do when cleaning up the room. You can rent tables in bright colors to match your party theme, or you can choose simple wood-finish tables for the party venue.

3. Dual Goody Bag Tables

If you are hosting your party at a veue that offers arcade games and prizes, or if you are planning to have a pinata or party prizes you provide, consider adding a dual goody bag table. One half of the table should have empty bags with each child's name on it. These bags can be used to collect tokens, tickets, prizes, and candy accumulated throughout the party. The other half of the table should have the goody bags you prepare to give away to your tiny party guests. Consider using two different colored bags, as this will make it easier for you to determine which children have already gotten the pre-made goody bags. In the empty bags, consider adding juice boxes or empty drink cups with each child's name on it. This can help prevent children from losing their beverages throughout the party.

4. Easy-Clean Decorations

Of course, you'll also want to decorate the party room. Instead of streamers and confetti, which can be difficult to clean up, opt for easy-clean decorations. Large poster-style murals on the walls or pre-made birthday banners can be great options. If you purchase helium-filled balloons, make sure there are enough for each child to bring one home. This essentially puts the kids in charge of cleaning up by taking decorations with them. You can also add disposable paper centerpieces to each table, which will get wrapped into your plastic tablecloth bundle at the end of the party.

For more information, contact your local birthday party events service.

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