Tactics For Motivating Your Employees

Motivating your staff is a vital component to any successful business. As a general rule, positive motivation tactics work much better in the long run. Although threats of pay cuts, no bonuses, or even firing may lead to a short term result, taking the time to build up a positive motivational environment is much more likely to provide consistent results over a long period of time. The following are few positive tactics you can use to motivate your team.

Tactic #1: Provide positive reinforcement

There are multiple ways to provide positive reinforcement. The simplest is to work compliments into all daily interactions. For example, if your business sends out a daily memo or email newsletter, make sure to start it off focusing on the successes achieved and recognizing team members individually. During meetings, always begin the focus on the positive – where your team has excelled – before moving on to the areas that need improvement.

Rewards can also provide positive reinforcement. This could be as simple as the traditional bonus system, or even bringing in coffee or providing a catered lunch when everyone is working hard to meet their goals.

Tactic #2: Encourage friendly competition

Competition between different teams or employees can also motivate, but it is important to keep competition friendly. The easiest way to do this is to make sure the rewards for winning do not punish those that didn't come in first.

Good rewards for competition are generally simple, since high stakes rewards can lead to a toxic form competitiveness. The ability to dress more casually on certain days, a paid lunch, gift cards, and other small items or perks make competing to win fun, but no one will develop hard feelings if they don't win.

Tactic #3: Plan motivational events

Team building is a great way to keep everyone motivated, because not only are they trying to achieve their own goals, they also won't let down other employees if they have bonded. Company sponsored events, like retreats, game days, or parties, are common ways to provide team building motivation.

Bringing in a motivational speaker is another tactic. Find a speaker that works specifically with your type of business, be it sales, tech support, or anything else. This way they will have an understanding of both your business needs and the motivational challenges your team is most likely to face.

For more help, contact a motivational consultant or speaker in your area.

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