How To Plan A Great Escape Party At Your House

Are you the kind of person who enjoys hosting events at your house that are less than traditional? If you have decided to host a party that includes an escape room as part of the fun, here are some ideas that might help you to plan an unforgettable event.

Make The Guest List - An escape room party is probably not for people who just want to sit and visit. Save them for an evening when you just want to have a quiet dinner party.

  • Think of inviting friends that you know will embrace something they've never done before.
  • One idea is to invite couples who can work together to get out of the escape you plan.
  • As you send invitations, make sure that your guests know that they will be planning an escape that you have created.
  • Don't forget to ask for RSVPs so that you'll know how many people to plan for, as that may influence the escape games you play. 

Plan The Actual Escape - Decide whether your guests will be doing several different escapes or whether there will be one major one.

  • You might consider using your entire house an escape route. Each room could have clues that your guests would have to find before they could proceed to the next room that has been indicated in the clue.
  • In each room, have an activity that is also challenging. Think of unusual things they could do. For example, in one room you could have a tangled mess of yarn that would have to be straightened out before guests could even leave the room.
  • It might be fun to have guessing games that are part of the escape. For instance, individuals would have to guess the identity of a celebrity by asking questions that would lead to the right answer.
  • Think of giving a prize to the individual or to the couple who achieves the escape first. However, have smaller prizes for everybody who participated in your escape room party. After all, they all made an effort!

Of course, it's always fun to take home party favors. Think of giving your guests tricky hand puzzles they have to work at hone. Another idea is to give your guests jig saw puzzles that are very hard to do. It might add to the fun to sk them to send you a photo of the completed hand puzzle or of the completed jig saw puzzle.

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