5 Great Reasons To Skip The Crowd And Plan An Intimate Wedding Instead

If you're planning a wedding and don't relish the idea of preparing and hosting a large event with a sea of people you don't know well--or at all--you may wonder if an intimate wedding may be the option for you. To help you decide, here are 5 great reasons to plan a small ceremony. 

Money Savings

Obviously, the fewer mouths you have to feed, the less you'll spend on things like catering, a large cake, alcohol, and rental equipment. You can divert that savings toward aspects of your wedding or reception that you find more important--like the dress, a nice honeymoon, a better rehearsal dinner location, or professional photography. 

More Venue Choices

If you don't have to find a wedding reception venue that can house 300 friends and acquaintances, you may enjoy more freedom of choice. Many professional wedding venues offer more intimate choices that are often more available because of lower demand. You can opt for a lovely garden wedding, a historical building, or even a local restaurant.

Get People Involved

Fewer guests means more opportunity to involve those who are invited. You may want to get the party started by inviting most or all of your small guest list to the rehearsal dinner before the big day. Or, get friends and family to participate in the ceremony by reading a passage, lighting candles, singing, or passing the wedding rings among themselves. 

Still Have a Party

Having a small wedding doesn't mean you have to forgo the party you want...or even that you must have a small party too. One great compromise for couple who want it all is to have an intimate ceremony and a large reception at a more traditional venue. Or, you could opt for a reception the following weekend so you can fully enjoy and recover from the wedding planning. 

Have Less Stress

Not only does a small wedding and/or reception save money, but it generally saves stress as well. Less to plan translates to less to worry about. Smaller wedding venues usually have less to decorate and are more prepared for you to simply arrive and get married. And having a deliberately limited guest list may help you avoid unnecessary difficulties over who is invited or what role they will play in your big day. ​

While a small wedding may not be for everyone, there are many reasons that it may be perfect for you. The result may just be the wedding of your dreams with less work than you thought possible. 

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