How To Dress Up Your Wedding Tents

Renting wedding tents for an outdoor wedding is one way to save money on your reception venue. The only problem is that most wedding tents look like plain, white circus tents. If you want to dress up the rental tents for your wedding, here are a few suggestions that will not damage the tents and make them look beautiful.

"Crystal" Chandeliers

You can hang battery-operated faux crystal chandeliers from the peaks or ridges of the wedding tents. At night, all the light in the tent bounces off of the faux crystals, creating a very colorful, sparkly, and romantic setting. It also makes the interiors of the tents more elegant.

Tulle Decorations

Use tulle that matches the colors of your wedding. Gather the tulle at one end and secure it. Then tie the gathered end of the tulle to the corner posts of the tent outside. Let them hang and flow, or tie a tulle or silk ribbon around the middles of the posts and the tulle as it cascades down. If you want to get really fancy, tie a nosegay of flowers that match your bouquet into the center of the bows.

Micro-LED Lights

Hang strands of micro-LED lights inside and/or out. This lends a sort of fairy-like appearance to your reception tent. The LED lights never burn hot, so they will not damage the tents no matter how long the lights are left on.

Projection Lights

For the past two holiday seasons, projection lights that cast thousands of points of light onto the fronts of houses have been very popular. You can use these same projection lights to turn a bland, white tent into a delightful display of lights and color. You can also make a custom projection slide that congratulates the bride and groom.


Balloons can dress up the white tents, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. Too many balloons make these tents even more circus-like. Too few balloons look like not enough effort was made to transform the tents. It also helps to stick to your wedding colors and not select anything outside that color palette.

Floral Garlands

Floral garlands that match your wedding flowers can dress up the exterior of the tents too. Make sure they are draped and hang at equal heights all the way around the top edges of the tents. Add a little ribbon or tulle, and it looks more elegant.

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