Moving In Together? Four Advantages Of Trying A Vacation Rental First

Moving in with a significant other is a big deal. It's a huge step within a relationship and can really help the relationship move forward. Before you get the moving boxes ready, you want to ensure that you and your partner are compatible living partners. A hotel or motel can't quite convey this experience, so that's why it's a good idea to consider a vacation rental before handing over your house keys. There are many advantages to these rentals and it can really help showcase your compatibility while living together as a couple.

Living Style

When booking a vacation rental, you will typically be booking some sort of condo. These condos can showcase a traditional living situation that you and your partner may be heading into. This includes cooking areas, sharing a bathroom, and sharing a bedroom together. It allows you both to experience daily life together. Once you're settled into the vacation rental, you can get a true glimpse of the real experience by the third or fourth day of the rental. It's also a good idea to vacation alone as a couple so that no other factors are involved.

Morning Routines

Along with your everyday habits, staying together at a vacation rental is a good way to test your morning routines with each other. For example, bathroom time may be a big deal for getting ready in the morning. Some people are really active morning people while others are a little more grumpy until they've had their morning fix. Working out these different situations can help set you up for the reality of everyday life together.

Cleaning Habits

When staying at a vacation rental, it's a good opportunity to look at each other's cleaning habits. You can see where one person is messy and another person is meticulous. This can help spark a conversation about house responsibilities and getting tasks done in the home. You may even find that you work great as a team and can feed off each other for encouragement.

Recognizing Problems Early On

Rushing into a move can create all types of problems that are not confronted right away. By enjoying a relaxing vacation together, you will have the ability to confront these problems early on and handle them in a manner that is positive. It's a lot easier to talk about your morning routines, when you're relaxing by the beach or enjoying some sight-seeing tours.

Booking a vacation rental for five days or more can give you a really clear picture of what to expect in the future and any changes that need to be made.

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