Kick Up Your Heel And Throw A Country-Style Wedding Ceremony

If you enjoy country living, and you are intending on getting married in the coming months, incorporate your love of all things country into your wedding reception. There are several country-style enhancements you can add to wedding ceremonies to get guests into a festive mood. Here are some ideas to consider when hosting a country wedding of your own.

Use Mason Jars, Wooden Decorations, And Candles To Set The Mood

A rustic theme will help in giving off a country aura. Use wooden decorations such as crates or barrels, and adorn them with pieces of muslin or burlap. Display wooden picture frames with pictures of the happy couple on top of the fabric so that all can admire them. This makes a great area for picture taking or simply relaxing and reflecting on the love the new couple holds for each other. On the tables guests will be using for dinnertime, add centerpieces with simple colored flowers. Wildflowers in mason jars or tea lights floating in glass bowls will give the tables an elegant appearance.

Give Guests Old-Fashioned Entertainment To Enjoy

In addition to having a disc jockey or band on hand to play music for guests, think about adding a few other forms of entertainment to your special day. A photo booth is a great addition that guests will be sure to enjoy going inside of to capture memories of the moment. Supply guests with some country apparel to dress up their photos to match the theme. Encourage guests to come to the wedding reception with casual clothing, and invite them to a good, old-fashioned tug-of-war. This will be bound to get a lot of laughs as well as great photos to remember the occasion. A mechanical bull is another addition that will get a lot of attention at a country-style wedding.

Serve Up BBQ Foods, Cool Beverages, And Candy 

Keep food and beverage choices simple and easy. A buffet-style barbecue complete with ribs, chicken drumsticks, or a whole pig roast will delight each guest with fulfilling favorites. Potato, macaroni, and bean salad make great side dishes. Set up a lemonade stand for guests to enjoy liquid refreshment when desired. Alcohol can be easily mixed with lemonade for those who wish to indulge a bit during your wedding reception. Complete the food choices with a candy station. Hard candies in all types can be displayed in glass jars. Guests will have the chance to fill up the provided goodie bags to take these treats home with them.

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