Four Ways That Modern Event Theaters Differ From Their Old School Counterparts

The old-fashioned movie theater has taken quite a few hits in recent decades -- first came VCRs, then DVD players, and just a few years ago, streaming video arrived on the scene. Some movie theaters closed their doors as a result, but there's nonetheless something magic about seeing things on the big screen, ensuring that many traditional theaters have been able to stay afloat in the digital age. The most successful are those who've expanded their offerings to include entertainment options other than just current movies. For instance, digital technology has made it possible to create extremely high quality reproductions of live performances such as Broadway musicals and ballet. Following are several ways in which today's event centers are straying from the traditional movie theater format in order to attract an retain as many customers as possible. 

Better Food and Beverages

Although you'll undoubtedly still find Junior Mints and popcorn available at most modern event theaters, menus now offer a wider variety of food and beverages. For instance, chances are good that you'll be able to enjoy your favorite adult beverage while relaxing in front of the screen -- although most don't have full bars, many offer wine and craft beer choices from local wineries and microbreweries. If you're a latte or mocha fan, you'll probably find your favorite coffee drink as well. You're also likely to find sandwiches made with gourmet-quality ingredients instead of just rotisserie hot dogs and corn dogs. Some theaters have renovated seating options by having pull-down platforms similar to those found in airplane seating available on chairs to make it easier for people to enjoy eating and drinking as well as to reduce spillage -- however, you'll enjoy less cramped conditions than on a typical airline. Today's theaters want their customers to be as comfortable as possible. 

Alternate Content

First and second run movies aren't the only things you'll see at an event theater -- these venues typically offer a wide variety of alternate content. For instance, gaming enthusiasts may have the opportunity to play their favorite video games at a special event created specifically for them. Other possibilities include broadcasts of concerts -- imagine being able to see a performance by your favorite band without the exorbitant ticket price or having to travel hundreds of miles to a concert venue in an unfamiliar city. You might also have the opportunity to enjoy broadcasts of Broadway plays, Las Vegas acts, opera, ballet, and symphony performances. Some event theaters show films from Bollywood and other foreign markets as well as old American classics, while others feature standup comedy routines and live plays. Some theaters also offer the opportunity to watch the Olympic games on the big screen as well as other sporting events such as the Superbowl -- few things are more exciting to football enthusiasts than having the chance to see the Superbowl on the big screen except for being in the stands in person. 

Rental Options

Many modern event theaters are located in historic or otherwise architecturally interesting structures that are often available for rent for special occasions. For instance, some historic theaters make excellent wedding venues and are also suitable for corporate events, family and school reunions, and class parties for all grades. 

Membership Options

Today's event theaters also have membership options available where customers receive discounts on showings and certain food and beverage items. Some theaters may also have sneak previews available only to members and their guests. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your local event theater to learn more about the many ways that these venues differ from the movie theaters of the past. 

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