Planning An Event? Times When Using A Tyvek Detachable Stub Wristband May Be Beneficial

If you are hosting an event, you may consider giving your guests a plain ticket. However, at some events, you may wish to give your guests a Tyvek detchable stub wristband. The guest wears a wristband, helping you to identify that they belong to your group or party. And then there is a stub leftover that you can use to do a variety of different things. Here are a few of the different ways that you can take advantage of Tyvek detachable stub wristbands at your event.

To Keep Track of Parents and Children

If you are hosting an event for parents, you may offer daycare services for the child. When the parent drops off their child, you need to come up with a way for the parent to be reunited with the right child. If you place a Tyvek detachable stub wristband on the child, you may have a solution that is easy, yet foolproof. Each wristband has a serial number on it, that matches the serial number on the stub. When a parent is ready to pick up their child, they present their stub. The stub is matched up with the serial number on a bracelet and the right child is matched with the right parent.

For Coat Check

Another time when Tyvek detachable stub wristbands may come in handy is when you are offering coat check at your event. When you offer coat check, you have to ensure the right coat is given out to the right person at the end of the night. You can either have the person who coat checked the coat wear a wristband and pin the detachable stub to the coat, or you can give the person the detachable stub and hang the wristband from the coat's hanger. Either way, the serial numbers will match up, ensuring the right jacket goes to the right person at the end of the night.

To Limit Drink or Food

The last reason that using a detachable stub wristband may be beneficial is because you can use it to limit food or drink for guests. If you are hosting an event, you may want to limit the food to one plate per guest or one drink per guest. The wristbands can be marked to indicate the individual has received their food, or they can turn in their one extra stub to receive their one free drink.

If you are hosting an event, you may want to consider using a Tyvek detachable stub wristband. There are many different ways this type of wristband can be beneficial for your event. Learning these benefits will help you decide if it is something you may want to take advantage of or not.

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