Outdoor Weddings: Five Important Things To Rent For Your Big Day

There are many gorgeous outdoor settings that make a beautiful place for a wedding ceremony and reception, but a bride and groom will have to do a little bit of extra planning to ensure that their outdoor wedding goes off without a hitch. Luckily, most everything that is needed for a wonderful outdoor wedding ceremony and reception can be rented. If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding, remember to rent the following things:


Renting a tent for your wedding reception is a very good idea. It can protect your guests in the event of rain and also provide shade if your reception is in the afternoon or early evening. There are a wide variety of tents available for weddings from simple canopies to tents that have walls and windows. As soon as you decide on your outdoor location and know how many guests will be invited to your wedding, it is a good idea to begin the process of renting a tent.

Tables and Tablecloths

A meal is served at many wedding receptions, so it is essential to rent tables for your guests to sit at. In addition to renting tables, many couples also rent tablecloths to give each table a more festive look. Most event rental companies offer table linens in a variety of colors, so you can choose tablecloths that complement your wedding's color scheme.


When having an outdoor wedding, you will need to rent chairs for both the ceremony and the reception. In most cases, there are several different types of chairs available for rent at different price points. Higher-quality and more ornate chairs will cost more to rent than simple folding chairs. Depending on the type of chairs you choose to rent, you can also rent chair covers that can transform the appearance of a simple chair.

Dance Floor

Most wedding receptions feature a lot of dancing, so having a dance floor is a must. A rented dance floor can be set up under your tent or out in the open during good weather. The size of the dance floor that you rent will depend on the number of people invited to your wedding ceremony and reception.

Portable Restrooms

Guests will need to use the restroom during your wedding reception, so it is very important to remember to rent portable restrooms if there are no bathroom facilities at your outdoor location. It is possible to rent portable bathrooms that offer many conveniences, such as electricity, running water, and climate control. 

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